What sets Exposure Group apart from other exhibit designers

Exposure Group, Benjamin Feltham

Clients' expectations are continuing to evolve, and success is no longer determined solely by the products or services on offer. Instead, performance is increasingly being heavily influenced by the experience – something that is difficult to quantify, yet has become an integral part of modern business.  

A major part of improving the customer journey is incorporating strong design into your business model. You could be forgiven for misinterpreting this as web design, but the aesthetic of your company's presence in the physical world – whether it's a custom trade show display, conference stand, or promotional vehicle – remains just as vital as it is in the digital realm. 

Why is design so important?

Form has become as equally important as function.

As touched on, consumers are seeing more and more value in design, and as a result, a product's form has become as equally important as its function. What's more, as Forbes Contributor Adam Swann pointed out, this trend isn't restricted to the design-savvy elite – it's a phenomenon that's affecting a range of industries on a broad scale.

Evidence of this movement is everywhere. For instance, Apple, which puts an incredibly high emphasis on design and usability, reported earning $51.5 billion in revenue in its fiscal fourth quarter ending September 26, 2015. Microsoft, on the other hand, which focusses more on performance and versatility, generated $20.4 billion in a similar time frame.

This is just one example of how the importance of form is influencing the modern business world, and how companies that are able to make use of good design may be able to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

Why use Exposure Group?

Given the growing significance of design, it's important that you use a custom booth production team you can trust. There's a healthy amount of competition among designers, so why use Exposure?

Strong collaboration

Our production facilities are entirely in-house, meaning that our designers are in close communications through the rest of the team throughout the production process, from the moment we receive the brief to when the event goes live. This fosters strong collaboration amongst everyone involved and allows us to ensure your booth space is not only of the highest calibre but is also in line with our company's overarching values.

Design expertise

The Proj-X design team understand the potential and limitations of production techniques.
The Exposure design team understand the potential and limitations of production techniques.

Simply put, our designers know their stuff. Thanks to our in-house arrangement, they have a comprehensive understanding of the possibilities and limitations of production, and can consequently adapt their designs to maximise the potential of the materials and equipment being used. Our clients are consistently impressed with how accurately we're able to deliver the end-product in line with the initial design concept.

Ongoing insight into the concept through technology

Before production begins, we understand that our clients want to have some insight into how the project will look upon completion. Through the use of 2D plans, graphic design, elevations and 3D renders, our clients can see how the design will represent their brand, and give them the opportunity to consider how they can best utilise the space on the day of the event.

In addition, we're able to offer our clients an even better understanding of the project via virtual walkthroughs using Building Information Model (BIMx) or 3D PDF technology. These unique offerings allow you to experience the branded environment as it will be upon completion. 

Design has never played a more important role in the customer experience. Give us a call for more information on how the Exposure design team can help you create a beautiful and engaging branded space.