Design and marketing

How will design factor into your company's marketing plans?

Exposure Group, Benjamin Feltham

If you've set your sights on increasing your company's marketing clout, you should know from the beginning that building a brand is about more than just having a great product. Your product is, of course, part of the big picture, but there's a lot more to it. You also need a compelling narrative that will drive people's interest as well as a display that will make your brand more of an attention-grabber.

Coming up with graphic designs to promote your brand is a complicated pursuit.

All of these are important components of any brand activation effort. But for many companies, that last one is the hardest. Coming up with graphic designs to promote your brand is a complicated pursuit, and not every entrepreneur or marketing expert has the skills for it. What does it take to draw up attractive graphics for marketing these days, anyway?

The designs Australians prefer

If you're going to market your product to a largely Australian audience, it helps to know what kinds of designs and images your target consumers will appreciate. According to the Australian Government, design styles in this country tend to err on the side of simple and elegant. Australians appreciate a design that balances creativity and innovation with simplicity and cost-effectiveness.

Of course, a number of future innovations will help shape this landscape. For example, new design software is changing the way manufacturers roll out new designs and enabling them to work with creative new materials more efficiently. The challenge today is to blend the traditional with the cutting-edge.

How to propel your branding efforts

You don't just want graphics that are sleek and modern-looking. Ideally, you also want to have marketing elements that are consistent with your brand and will help your company build a reputation for itself.

How will you drive branding through graphic design? How will you drive branding through graphic design?

According to Post Planner, one way to do this is with consistency in your imaging. If you have the same colours and images in your new pop-up store that you use on your website, mobile app and other similar platforms, people will come to know what to expect from you. It will give your brand a consistent, identifiable presence.

A good display can elevate your business

At Exposure Group, we know all too well that having engaging designs is crucial to the success of your business. That's why we have a team of people in-house who are eager to work on all sorts of projects, ranging from simple brochures and posters to elaborate setups like custom trade show displays.

We're ready to work with your business on finding a design scheme that's perfect for you. Just get in touch with us, and we'll begin a collaborative process that's designed to maximise your company's ROI.