When you first decide to travel to a trade show, are you doing it with a specific marketing goal in mind? If so, what is it? Are you focused on developing your company's relationships with certain existing customers? Alternatively, are you hoping to find new leads and begin relationships from scratch?

Are you travelling to a trade show with a specific marketing goal in mind?

Depending on the event in question, a trade show can be a great arena to pursue either of those goals. All you need is to go in with a plan – and a compelling exhibit that can help you attract customers to your business.

Market your brand in a targeted environment

Are you hoping to use your next trade show as a launching pad to a brighter brand activation future? Perhaps you want to put your company on the map as a force in the industry or introduce a new look for your rebranded business. In either event, a trade show is a great place to do it, as the Queensland business and industry portal noted.

The unique value of trade shows lies in the fact that they're specifically targeted toward an industry. If you work in a niche sector where there aren't many like-minded business owners out there, a trade show represents a chance for all of them to come together and share ideas. You can use this as a setting to sell your product more, or perhaps to form business-to-business partnerships that can benefit both sides.

Striving to create the perfect booth

If you're going to get tangible results from travelling to exhibits, you first need to design a trade show display that will grab people's attention.

You only have a few seconds to create the right first impression.You only have a few seconds to create the right first impression.

In this vein, the Huffington Post emphasised that first impressions are very important. When people come across your booth, they're likely to pass judgment on it within the first few seconds. For this reason, you want to make sure the first thing people see – usually the biggest, most colourful element of your display – is compelling. It also shouldn't be too sales-oriented, as you don't want people to view your business as too greedy for their money.

Get some help from the design professionals

Are you trying to find the perfect exhibit booth design that will help you make the most of your next trade show? If so, you're in luck. We specialise in that sort of work at Exposure Group. Our objective is to produce exhibits that will help you integrate all areas of your company's overall communications strategy.