International trade shows

Elevating your trade show efforts to the international stage

Exposure Group, Benjamin Feltham

For any growing business, marketing at a trade show is an exciting proposition, as it creates new opportunities to build relationships with customers and potentially close deals. Even if it requires a significant expense, attending a show is ultimately likely to yield a pretty strong return on a company's investment. The stakes are raised, however, when you leave your native country and attend an industry event at the international level.

The stakes are raised when you attend an industry event at the international level.

In this scenario, your travel expenses are likely higher – but your potential for new marketing opportunities is greater as well. You're taking a gamble with a chance of hitting big returns.

As you undertake this effort, it's important to know how your marketing challenge is different than at a domestic show, and what you must do to adjust accordingly.

A global approach to a new business world

Attending a trade show anywhere has the potential to benefit your business, but a show on the international stage is a chance to truly reach the next level in terms of brand activation. This is a chance to put your business on the map not just nationally, but with people all over the world.

According to Science Direct, international marketing is important in a marketplace that's increasingly global. Modern technology has made it easy to market and sell to customers all over the globe. If you use international trade shows for doing so, you're sure to uncover some clear benefits:

  • Strong relationship building with potential clients that you might not get to know otherwise.

  • Opportunities to move people down the "sales funnel" and close deals once and for all.

  • Maintaining alliances with other businesses in your industry that can provide valuable insight and help.

  • A chance to monitor the competition and find out what others in your industry might be doing better.

Trade shows are a chance both to bond with your friends and closely study your enemies. In today's economy, it's important to do both abroad as well as at home.

How to adjust your strategy

Going to international trade shows is a big opportunity for your business, but only if you know how to do it right. You can't just put up the same trade show booths and deliver the same sales pitches that you always do. It's better to mix up your strategy and account for the varying cultures and economies involved.

Conduct thorough market research to plan for your next show.

Conduct thorough market research to plan for your next show.

Business Marketing Association research shows that market research is a key first step. Don't just study what consumers in general want – look carefully at the market in whatever country you're visiting. Figure out what's unique about the consumers there, and how exactly your product meets their needs. Then, you can change your marketing message to account for this difference.

It might be wise not to "go it alone" when venturing into unfamiliar marketing territory. Whenever possible, find strategic allies you can lean on who have knowledge of the place you're visiting and the needs of its consumers.

Exposure Group can play a key role

When you jump into a new international marketing initiative, you need to do it with the right tools. These range from little things like pamphlets to large-scale projects like custom trade show displays. The beauty of working with Exposure Group is that we can provide all the resources you need to succeed internationally, large and small.

At Exposure, we have connections with various marketing professionals in destinations all over the world. We can use the wisdom we've built up through our network to assist you with crafting your future marketing plans. Whether you're looking to change up your marketing message or design a new international trade show program, we are available to provide guidance.