Rolling out a new product is always a challenge, even for a thriving business that already has a strong base of customers. Even if you've got a good contingent of people in your corner, there's still a lot of legwork that must be done. You need to teach people how your new offering is different and why they need it.

Every time you introduce a new product, you have to market your business all over again.

In other words, every time you introduce something new, you have to market your business all over again. This might sound like something of a hassle, but there is good news. The whole process becomes easier when you have an established process in place for marketing activation and compelling graphics that will help you hold people's attention.

Do your homework before the fact

Before you can dive into the process of marketing activation, it's important to do the preliminary groundwork and research the marketplace. According to the Queensland Government's business and industry portal, that effort should probably begin by investigating the actual physical place where you're selling. What sorts of demographics of people will you find there? What's the competition like?

Once you have a better understanding of the local market, you can start to think about the different types of promotional content that will appeal to the populace. You might lean more towards visual elements like trade show exhibits, or you might go digital with mobile advertising.

Sell people on your value proposition

As Entrepreneur Magazine recently highlighted, the key is to define your marketing strategy early. This means you need to figure out what message you're trying to convey to people and how you'll convey it.

Show how your product creates real value for your customers.  Show how your product creates real value for your customers.

It's best to zoom in on the specific value proposition that you have to offer customers. How is your product addressing people's concerns and pain points in a way nothing else can? Figure that out and then advertise it extensively, using everything from brochures and pamphlets to pop-up displays.

Let's draw up the graphics you need

If you really want to take your new product's marketing campaign to the next level, what you need are stellar graphics that will help your brand really pop. At Exposure Group, we're available to help with that effort. We have everything you need to design the elements you need, whether you're drawing up a trade show exhibit, or anything else.