Running a successful retail operation isn't just about putting together a solid inventory of products and pricing it accurately. There are plenty of stores that do that, and consumers can't possibly shop at all of them. If you really want your business to stand out and be uniquely attractive to customers, you've got to go one step further.

You've got to shape the look and feel of your retail establishment until you get it just right.

Your real challenge is marketing. You've got to shape the look and feel of your retail establishment until you get it just right, showing the world the value of not just your products themselves, but also the whole shopping experience. If your storefront is attractive and irresistible to consumers, that will translate directly into sales.

So what's your marketing strategy?

Fine-tune the customer's buying experience

To really empower your company's marketing activation plans and get shoppers in the door, you have to think critically about the customer's buying experience, according to a State Government of Victoria guidebook. How do people feel when they enter your store? What sort of emotions does it stir up in them?

This is largely dependent on the physical environment where they shop. If your store is well designed and easy to walk around, people will find it convenient, and buying will be intuitive. Similarly, the aesthetic appeal can make a big difference – for example, a small gesture like featuring a vase of flowers at the checkout counter can brighten people's mood and maybe help convince them to make purchases.

Motivate people to take concrete action

Getting people in the door of your shop is the first step. What comes next is motivating them to actually take action and spend their money. According to Shopify, this is tricky because there are limiting factors involved such as your inventory and the shopper's time and money.

The way you arrange products is pivotal in a retail environment.The way you arrange products is pivotal in a retail environment.

This is where merchandising comes into play. You want to feature the right products at the right prices that will motivate people to buy quickly. This might be easier to do if you work with exhibit designers who are able to optimise your products' visual appeal by putting everything in just the right place.

We can help with all your design needs

A great deal of the challenge in retail marketing is coming up with visually appealing displays that will grab people's attention and hold onto it. Fortunately, at Proj-X Design, we have a wealth of experience designing everything from kiosks to pop-up stores in a way that's optimised to help you close sales.

Partner with us today, and you'll get the Exposure Group difference. We have a team of designers in place who will work tirelessly to understand your needs, develop a plan and put it into action. Give us a call, and we can get started.