Whenever you're rolling out a new product or introducing a new brand altogether, you've got to have a plan in mind for marketing. Even if you've got the best product in the world, you won't be able to sell it unless you create awareness of your offering and drive interest among your target consumers.

A visual component is essential, so it pays to have top-notch graphic design professionals in your corner.

Part of the challenge here is to come up with a compelling message about why your product is so indispensable. If all you have is a verbal sales pitch, however, you're doomed to fail in all likelihood. A visual component is essential – and to that end, it pays to have top-notch design professionals in your corner.

What goes into a design strategy?

If you're hoping to achieve resounding success with your company's marketing activation initiative, you've got to go in with a strong design strategy from day one. According to Peter Thomson, a digital brand strategist based in Auckland, this process should begin from a standpoint of "human-centred" design. In other words, you should think about your customers and what sorts of imagery will appeal to them.

This doesn't always mean going for a look that will appeal to the greatest number of people, either. Often, the challenge is to zoom in on the specific pocket of your consumer base you're trying to target, then develop a marketing campaign that will grab their attention.

Creating graphics with a clear appeal

As you start to design graphics, it's easy to get carried away with thoughts of big, elaborate marketing materials that include all sorts of facts, figures and visual elements. This might not be the best idea, however. According to the American Express OPEN Forum, it's often better to keep it simple.

Eliminate unnecessary elements and keep your designs simple.Eliminate unnecessary elements and keep your designs simple.

The most engaging graphics are those that don't require a lot of effort on the viewer's part. If you're designing a website, you want people to see as much as possible without scrolling. With a pop-up display, you want all the most important information to be featured in one place, front and centre. Simplicity is great for keeping your imagery clear and appealing.

We can help you propel your brand

If you're looking to take your company's appeal to the next level, engaging graphics might be just the thing you need. Whether you're just drawing up a simple brochure or working on more substantial projects like custom trade show displays, we have a team of experts at Exposure Group who are more than willing to help.

We're capable of working within a pre-set brief or collaborating with you on a joint design process. Either way, we're ready to get to work – just contact us today, and we can get started.