Your next tradeshow

Are you fully prepared for your company's next trade show?

Exposure Group, Benjamin Feltham

Attending a trade show is a big step forward for any organisation. It's not just an ordinary business trip – it's a chance to show off your brand to the outside world, establishing a reputation for your products and hopefully building enough interest to make a few sales.

With trade show marketing, advance planning is necessary for making sure you get it right.

Beyond the dollars and cents, you can make today, though, it's also a matter of enhancing the long-term standing of your brand, crafting an image for your company that's truly built to last. Needless to say, you don't want to jump into such an effort halfheartedly. Careful advance planning is necessary for making sure you get it right.

So what goes into the planning process, anyway? Laying the preliminary groundwork right can be just as important as the way to carry yourself at the trade show itself.

Doing your homework before the fact

Successfully showing off your trade show exhibits and building a stronger customer base, as a result, is certainly difficult. But before you can even tackle that challenge, there's another one to face – doing the preliminary work. This starts with researching the market. Who are you looking to reach with your brand and its products? Of the demographics you're targeting, who will be at the show you're targeting, and how can you pitch them?

Once you've completed this step, it might be worthwhile to engage in a bit of "pre-marketing," as Dynamic Business noted. This means reaching out to make initial connections with qualified leads, building relationships and preparing for the upcoming show.

This might also involve selecting one or more "spokespeople" who will be in charge of advocating for your brand at the given trade show. The challenge is to choose individuals who are engaging speakers and will appeal to the audience in question.

Get your marketing materials ready

Marketing your brand successfully at a trade show isn't just about your people and what they say. You also need to have materials that explain your marketing activation goals – these might include signs, posters, pop-up displays, banners, mobile and web content and more. All of the above items should clearly state who you are, what you do and what's special about it.

Graphics are an important part of pursuing your marketing goals.

Graphics are an important part of pursuing your marketing goals.

Your marketing content should be true to your brand. Whatever image or tone you're going for, it should be consistent so that people always know where you're coming from.

Design is also a part of this. Whatever graphics, images, colours or fonts you've used successfully in the past, stick with them – they're a part of your brand now, and they can help with keeping people engaged. Of course, if you're still looking to generate that engagement in the first place, no worries. We can help with that.

Graphics can make all the difference

At Exposure Group, we are big believers in the idea that design is crucial. Having the right look and feel for your business is important for getting people's attention and keeping it long-term. That's why we specialise in designing materials that will help your company succeed, be it at a trade show or anywhere else. We can design banners, signs, kiosks and displays that are sure to help your brand shine.

We have a team of designers in-house who are well trained and certified in the corporate branding strategies that your company needs. We have extensive experience and a passion for advancing you toward your marketing goals. Contact us today, and we'll get to work.