Promotional Vehicles

Ever wish you could take your brand on the road, meeting your customers at the most opportune moments and locations? With promotional vehicles, you have the luxury to do just that.

Whether you’re looking to set up shop for a specific period of time or want to launch a marketing activation in the city centre, having the right structure, equipment and branding makes all the difference.

Our talented graphics and production teams deliver promotional vehicles tailored to your unique goals, needs and specifications. We’ll make sure a branded environment has all of the lighting, heating, seating and other elements to make your customers feel at home and carry your company to all corners of the globe.

By converting caravans and other structures into impressive promotional vehicles, we make it easy to run a pop-up store, launch a brand activation and travel to mobile exhibitions. Whether you’re looking for greater convenience and flexibility to travel to trade shows or want to run a cross-country campaign, our products will give you your wheels.


Our caravans, other vehicles and mobile showrooms all enable you to swiftly pack up and move. With a vehicle, you can take to the streets while still giving customers the opportunity to touch and feel your products – or sample your culinary creations.

Why go with a mobile solution? It’s all about location. Imagine, for example, taking your range of laptops to a college campus during orientation week, or setting up pop-up stores around the country to launch a new product.


We know the look and feel of your promotional vehicle or mobile showroom matters greatly. You’re creating a strong impression of your brand, so you want to get the mood just right, clearly include your iconic logos and integrate lighting and technology that creates a smooth, pleasant experience.

For that reason, we offer custom-built solutions as well as for-hire showrooms that we can tailor to your specific needs.

If you rent a mobile showroom, you can choose to change the colour and add custom graphics to the panels. Made specifically to fit from high-quality laminated adhesive vinyl, the graphics are printed in our own facilities to order. We offer the following design options:

  • Front graphic panels provide a big visual impact as customers approach your showroom 
  • Reception graphic panels create high-profile branding within the showroom itself 
  • Left and right graphic panels ensure people approaching from all angles see your messages 
  • Fascia graphic panels serve as a banner on top of the showroom

In addition to these visuals, we can integrate the right support for the technology you require or want to display, as well as bring together furniture, lighting, air conditioning and other components to set your mobile showroom apart.


We know our clients have plenty to do on their end to get ready for a mobile exhibition schedule, carry out a marketing activation or otherwise prepare for these marketing activities. Our graphics and production teams ensure your promotional vehicle or mobile showroom is fully equipped with the visuals and features it needs to help you succeed.

We provide the design, modification, engineering and graphics all under one roof before the finished vehicle drives out of our facility to its first location. That way, you’re ready to go as soon as you arrive on site.

While we work frequently with shipping containers and caravans, the possibilities are endless. We’ve even applied graphics to a 100-foot yacht sail, and our teams are always eager for the next challenge. Give us a call at +61 2 9519 7444 or contact us online to discuss your next mobile showroom design.

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