Modular and Portable

Exposure Group modular exhibition stands can be arranged in whatever shape you need and tailored to your specifications.

Our exhibit designers plan and engineer panel-based stands that you can easily assemble and take down, making them convenient for any event. These reusable displays are based on a modular system that is light, fast, cost-effective and flexible.

Each individual panel is branded to your requirements and can be arranged in whatever configuration you choose, whether you’re going for square corners or gentle curves. At your next marketing event, you can reuse and repurpose the same panels to fit the space you’ve been allocated. This is a great way to be environmentally responsible, as well.


Traditional panel-based booths that use a shell scheme are limited to four-to-eight angles between the panels and are typically suited for booths at conferences. Our innovative modular stands are different. The panels we produce clip together and are fitted with round poles to deliver additional flexibility and customisation.

In other words, you can angle the individual panels to shape the stand exactly how you envision it. Flowing curves, sharp zig zags, straight lines or the tried and true traditional booth configuration: The choice is yours.

We have one specification for our modular exhibition stands – all the panel sizes are calculated to fit within the parameters of a 3m x 3m shell scheme or a frontrunner booth. This keeps exhibition costs down, while still allowing you to maximise brand exposure and create an impressive showcase on the trade show floor.


You don’t need any tools to put together Exposure Group’s modular exhibition stands – and taking them down is just as easy! Grab a panel, stand it up and clip it to another to make the shape you want.

Modular exhibition stands are not only quick to assemble, they are also fast to produce. So don’t feel put out if you learn about a show at short notice: We can help. We stock a ready supply of panels, so we’re able to send them through our print production facilities for branding right away.

Of course, we want your modular exhibition stand to be as unique as possible. Our design team creates a look for your stand and develops individual graphics for each panel centred on your branding and the image you wish to convey. Once the panels are ready, we ship them to the desired destination.


Modular exhibition stands should be both customisable and standardised. That’s why we developed a set of packages based on common booth sizes at trade shows and exhibitions. You won’t be struggling to figure out what will fit the space, as we do that for you.

The packages Exposure Group offers are:

  • Individual panel hire

    An extremely adaptable option, this package calculates charges per linear metre and includes a full-colour graphic panel, a long-arm light to illuminate your design and your personal company branding.

  • 3m x 3m panel stand corner layout

    This option is great for events where you have limited floor space, but want to maximise your presence. Included in the deal are nine full-colour graphic panels, six long-arm lights, an HD LCD TV, a DVD player with HDMI, a white laminate counter and a brochure rack. Visitors to your stand will have plenty of opportunities to engage with your product whether it be recognising the brand, reading a company brochure or watching a clip on the TV mounted in your stall.

  • 6m x 3m panel stand corner layout

    Slightly more elaborate, this option covers twice the floor space for an affordable price. Not only does this deal include the TV, the DVD player and the brochure rack, you also receive two white laminate counters, a high bar table and waterfall stools for a sleek modern design. Branding, 12 full-colour panels and 10 long-arm lights come, too.

  • 10-panel curved wall

     Get creative with your space, using panels as a divider or to set the scene for potential customers. This selection offers exceptional value with three TVs, three DVD players, four counters, two brochure racks, four high bar tables and 18 waterfall stools. Perfect for high-traffic volume and keeping your customers around as they can engage with a range of content. Your eye-catching branding will be visible on 10 double-sided full colour graphic panels and illuminated by 14 long-arm lights.

 If none of our packages suits your exhibition or event needs, we’ll work with you to tailor a package that will. To learn more about modular exhibition stands and the prices of these packages, contact us today.


GoToMeeting, a virtual conferencing company, has used our modular exhibition stands to great effect at events around Australia.

For the firm’s training exhibit, vibrant purple and pink hues caught event goers’ eyes in a stand that included company branding, key messages and information.

At another event, GoToMeeting took a more out-of-this-world approach, choosing an outer space design for the graphic panels. The lights illuminated the dark design, adding another dimension to the panels.

Eaton, a firm that specialises in power management, asked Exposure Group to create a flowing image across six panels to emphasise the range of facilities the organisation offers to customers. The panels were set up in a way that maximised the space allocated while also marking Eaton’s space.

DB Schenker set up their modular exhibition stand to act as a comfy, modern-looking office area. The design included a customised desk, cut outs for the panels, stools and a couch. The end result was a highly customised version of our standard panel system and they reuse the supplies for maximum ROI (return on investment).

To learn more about what we can do, take a look at some of our previous projects. For more information on modular exhibition stands contact the team at Exposure Group.

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