Set Design and Production

“All the world’s a stage”

William Shakespeare tells us in his play “As You Like It”

That may be the case – and we may indeed be players on it – but sometimes you need a stage of your own to set your event or production apart.

At Exposure Group, we put our design and production teams to work to construct tailored settings for a wide range of events. Stage and film sets have applications far beyond theatre and programmes intended for television: Our builders bring a wide range of expertise and flexibility to produce just the right stage for conferences, keynote speakers, panels, PR events and more.

Our structures can be free-standing, hung from rigging or a combination of both. We also produce custom-made stages to any plan and even have our own unique borderless projection screen system.

Whether you’re hosting a conference, holding a press conference, speaking at an outdoor event or putting on some other type of show, it takes both artistry and execution to establish a suitable space. You want to ensure you have the right look and feel as well as the perfect technical setup to give your speakers a voice, actors the spotlight and audience a memorable experience.

Asian Football Confederation Stage
This stage set was for the AFC Asian Footballer of the year awards .


Working with specialist AV companies, technical directors and staging companies around the country, we build stagecraft elements to provide frameworks for lighting, sound and effects. We can even accommodate special lighting into our sets.

Why think about these components when you’re putting on an event? They’re all part of creating an impressive spectacle that can help capture attention, wow your audience and drive your message home. For instance, we once created an entire set out of vacuum-formed acrylic tetrahedrons with built-in colour-changing LED lighting. The effect was spectacular.

When you’re thinking about stage set design, it’s important to get the right balance and overall atmosphere. The first step is defining your goals and developing your themes, styles and context from there. Our teams have a flair for honing in on these priorities to develop stunning designs that fit specifications, budgets and objectives.

The right lighting, backdrop and special effects can really add a polished, multi-sensory appeal to your performance or presentation. Whether you want to go all-out on elements like fog, dynamic lighting and 3D technology, or need to keep a simple, non-distracting backdrop that conveys your brand image and message, we can work to just about any scale and level of complexity.


AMWAY Sydney Stage
This impressive set was produced for AMWAY for their annual conference when it was in Sydney. Delegates attended this event from around the world.


After the artistic vision comes the execution. For the actual construction of your stage or film set, a few components are particularly critical.

First, you want to know that you can depend on your production teams to deliver the final project on time and up to your expectations. Our staff have a reputation for doing whatever it takes to get a job done before the deadlines, regardless of what unexpected obstacles crop up. Additionally, we’re known in the industry for our consistently high standards.

Second, technical expertise can make or break a stage set in many cases. Whereas a simply branded podium might not take a high degree of advanced knowledge, most of today’s stage and film sets require integrated electrical work, audio-visual elements, lighting and other devices to create the atmosphere and experience they’re supposed to.

Our teams know what the options are and the difference a few small tweaks can make. We’ll work with technicians that specialise in placing sound and lighting equipment to attain the optimal acoustics and perfect overall lighting. For the set build itself, we’re happy to incorporate unique materials and components to create truly special effects.

With a polished, well-executed set, your event can achieve their highest possible level of success – and the greatest return on your investment.

Young Presidents Association Stage
YPO (Young Presidents Association) is the world's premier peer network of chief executives and business leaders. We created this set using vacuum-formed acrylic and colour changing LED lighting.


When you put on a performance or event of any scale, you have a lot to worry about to prepare for and put on the show. To get the staging just right requires a fair amount of knowledge about technology, design and construction – which can take a significant amount of time to develop.

The team at Exposure already have a great combination of artistic talent and technical expertise, so we’re able to work with you to deliver a compelling set that is applicable to your needs. With our printing and production resources on hand, we can efficiently construct your stage elements to meet your unique requirements.

In fact, that’s one of the greatest advantages of Exposure’s flexibility and broad scope of projects: Rather than utilising a run-of-the-mill, out-of-the-box solution, you can have a stage design that truly helps your event stand out from the crowd and strongly represents your brand or message. With each set tailored to the venue and the purpose of the event, we can ensure it delivers on expectations to support your activities.

We’ve built impressive sets for political conventions, sports award ceremonies, outdoor events and more. Maybe you’ve seen our work on one of your favourite TV shows?

Talk to us today about a stunning stage set design.

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