Corporate Hospitality Chalets

Facilities for corporate entertainment

A great way to reinforce relationships with your most valuable customers. A corporate chalet offers a turnkey experience where you can watch an event in air-conditioned comfort, connect with your guests, and provide a bar and catering options such as a buffet or restaurant.

Make a connection. Business is all about good strong relationships. A chalet provides the chance to go beyond formal meetings, emails and phone calls. It allows you to get to know your customers as people over lunch, whilst watching an event, with good conversation and in a more relaxed setting where stronger connections can be made with your clients. After all, business is all about relationships.

Corporate Chalets Facade


First impressions count. Whilst corporate chalets might be temporary in nature, the impression they leave on your guests is not. Add architectural impact and style to your chalet facades and make your participation memorable.

Airbus Corporate Chalets Reception


Your guests have arrived. Receive your chalet guests in style, with subtle elegant branding and reception facilities before they are guided or accompanied further into the hospitality or meeting spaces you have made available.

Corporate Chalets Lounge


Take a moment. Your lounge spaces can be places to stop for a moment, to meet colleagues or guests, sit, relax and refresh before moving onto other engagements. Comfortable, stylish and less formal than other spaces.

Corporate Chalets Hospitality


Cater to your clients' needs. From buffets to à la carte restaurant options, private dining rooms to reconfigurable dining spaces. Plan a solution that will cater to the dining requirements of your chalet guests.                                                                                         

Corporate Chalets Outdoor


Vantage point. The backdrop for the business conducted within your branded environments is the larger event happening outside. Provide a comfortable outdoor space for your guests to have the best seat in the house.

Corporate Chalets Infrastructure


Behind the scenes.   From cloakrooms, offices, technical spaces, kitchens or washroom facilities, every corner of the chalet space is utilised and maximised to ensure smooth operation and the provision of good service.

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