Australian Nuclear Science & Technology Organisation (ANSTO)

Industry: Nuclear science & technology
Trading Region: Australia
Skills/Specialities: Nuclear research & development; nuclear science, technology, and engineering expertise; landmark infrastructure; OPAL nuclear research reactor, Australian Synchrotron, accelerators, cyclotrons, and neutron beam instruments

Leveraging great science to deliver big outcomes

ANSTO is the home of Australia’s most significant landmark and national infrastructure for research.

Thousands of scientists from industry and academia benefit from gaining access to state-of-the-art instruments every year. To find solutions ANSTO operates much of Australia’s landmark infrastructure including one of the world’s most modern nuclear research reactors, OPAL; a comprehensive suite of neutron beam instruments; the Australian Synchrotron; the National Imaging Facility Research Cyclotron; and the Centre for Accelerator Science.

ANSTO partners with scientists and engineers, and applies new technologies to provide real-world benefits through work that improves human health, saves lives, builds industries and protects the environment.



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