BASF Australia Ltd

Industry: Chemicals
Trading Region: Australia
Skills/Specialities: Chemicals, plastics, performance chemicals, catalysts, coatings, crop technology, crude oil, and natural gas exploration and production

Creating chemistry for a sustainable future

Through science and innovation, combining economic success with environmental protection and social responsibility, BASF enables their customers across industries to meet the current and future needs of society. 

With almost 100 years of service in Australia, and about 60 years in New Zealand, BASF has served key industries in the agriculture, coatings, construction, manufacturing, and mining sectors among others. Their broad portfolio ranges from chemicals and plastics to oil and gas, from crop protection products, to performance products. With a team of around 115,000 employees, they contribute to the success of their customers across the globe.


Hi Jodie, Just wanted to give you some feedback about the BASF stand you designed for us at the recent LNG18 conference. The coordination of the complete process was very smooth. From taking our brief, to delivering design concepts, adapting changes and staying on budget, right through to manufacture and installation. We felt well supported during the first few days at the event having Jodie onsite for any urgent requests. Stand design itself was great, it had a lot of seating for customer meetings/chats and a high standard of workmanship was visible. Last minute requests were implemented with no issues. Thanks Jodie!
Communications Advisor, Australia & New Zealand

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