Churchill Navigation

Industry: Aerospace
Trading Region: International
Skills/Specialities: Mission management systems, augmented reality, and advanced mapping technologies

The world's most advanced solutions for full motion video

Churchill Navigation offers a complete range of integrated solutions for full motion video. From capturing 4K ultra-high definition video on gimbal, to their industry-leading Augmented Reality Mission Management System, geospatial video recording and video management, Churchill Navigation a one-stop shop that develops, builds, and provides support for all the equipment your mission may demand.

Their products and services are marketed directly and through distribution partners in the United States and the rest of the world, serving civilian applications, such as firefighting and pipeline monitoring; and military and mobile applications, as well as law enforcement agencies.

A dynamic organization focused on software engineering and customer satisfaction, Churchill Navigation's workforce is comprised of 85% senior level engineers, well versed in software, hardware, aerospace design, and electronics. Founded in 2005 they have more than a decade of hands-on integration experience and a vast knowledge of their systems and target industries.

With efforts focused on continuous product improvement, unsurpassed customer support, and attention to the needs of their markets, it's their mission and vision to create the most advanced lineup of solutions for full motion video in the world.


Hello, Yes thanks, I meant to drop you a note to let you know, it's just been very busy. The booth looks great, very happy w the final outcome!! Several people asked us who was responsible so I passed your contact info along. Jacky Chan was awesome!!! Thank you and have a great day! - Director of Sales

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