Department of Planning and Environment

Industry: Government
Trading Region: New South Wales, Australia
Skills/Specialities: Effective and sustainable planning for housing and employment land, state development, environment, and local government

Making NSW a great place to live and work

The Department of Planning and Environment helps create great places and experiences for all those living and working in New South Wales. Planning for a changing and thriving NSW, they inspire strong and resilient communities and regions, and ensure the responsible and sustainable use of the state's resources.

The department creates long-term, strategic plans for NSW regions, working with the community, businesses, and local government, all with the mission to help make people's lives better by providing homes and services, building great communities, creating jobs, ensuring good access to transport, and protecting the environment.

They work hand in hand with other entities that sit within their cluster including the Office of Local Government, the Environment Protection Authority, and the environmental trusts and entities associated with the Office of Environment and Heritage.



Department of Planning and Environment @ Sydney Royal Easter Show 2018

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Department of Planning & Environment @ PLA 2018

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DPE Community Engagement Van 2018

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