Equipmed Pty Ltd

Industry: Dermatological
Trading Region: Global, represented in 58 countries
Skills/Specialities: Cosmetic, dermatological, disinfection and cardiological

Professional aesthetic and infection control solutions

Since 1976, Equipmed has been Australia's leading independent distributor and developer for the aesthetic, dermatological, disinfection and cardiology markets. Their line of business includes the wholesale distribution of innovative surgical and other medical instruments, apparatus, and equipment.

Now just a little over 4 decades later, and it has now grown into a global empire with representation in 58 countries. Dermapen™ and the Dermapenworld range of products continue to grow and inspire users with limitless possibilities of treatment indications. Infection Control by Equipmed also has NocoSpray, a proven and trusted disinfection system used in hospitals, medical and aesthetic arenas, and aged-care facilities.


​We had very good feedback from people visiting the stand ​at AMWC on ​how much they liked it and s​ome of our Distributors ​were even ​asking ​about getting a similar stand made for their show.​ It was truely amazing to see our company represented in such a ​way and the results of the event were a huge success.

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Equipmed (Dermapen) @ AMWC 18 Monaco

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Equipmed (Dermapen) @ IMCAS Paris

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