Idea International Inc

Industry: Exhibition
Trading Region: Asia-Pacific
Skills/Specialities: Trade fair exhibit design & fabrication

Peace of mind, half a world away

Idea International was launched to provide peace of mind to exhibitors who find themselves a half a world away from their comfort zones and familiar exhibition practices. Focusing on the APAC region (in countries like Japan, Korea, China, Thailand and Singapore) Asian-based Idea International understands both the expectations of marketers from the US, and the unique culture of the APAC regions.

Globalization is a fact of life for virtually every business, and no company can afford to ignore the important Asian markets. You'd want to be certain that your partner is a local source that understands the need for unparalleled service, quality production and cultural sensitivity.

At Idea International, they deliver clients’ brand promise and message from an Asian perspective with compelling solutions that can help them connect successfully with customers in a culturally relevant way. That connection requires not only in-depth knowledge of the culture and the region but also tactical capabilities.



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