Priceline Care-a-van

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Show Name Priceline Care-a-van
Country Australia
Venue Nationally

Priceline Pharmacy Cares

Priceline Pharmacy is committed to providing medical-grade health checks that are free, simple and accessible to better the health of every Australian. Building on this commitment, they have introduced the bright and bold pink Priceline Care-a-van to travel around the country on a mission to get more Australians healthier and happier.

Banter is an Engagement Marketing and Brand Experience Agency and they identified that Exposure Group's amazing event caravan would be the perfect fit for this roadshow activation.

The Mk1 Event Caravan features hydraulics so that the caravan can be dropped onto its frame directly onto the ground for single step entry, a wide doorway that doubles as an awning and a very useable interior space. The interior features storage, lighting, electrical wiring, consultation areas, a wall mounted screen and non-slip flooring. The exterior of the caravan is dressed during setup and features levelling polycarbonate flooring, timber decking, astroturf, picket fencing and furniture.


The Team

Nina Bellersheim

Business Development
Project Management

Brian Botes


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