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Today’s consumers are empowered like never before. Not only do they have instant access to a world of information – which they can even access whilst shopping – they have endless options for seeking just the right services or price points. Whereas yesteryear’s shoppers may have frequented their local stores and dealers, modern customers can order goods from around the world and have the package waiting on their doorstep in a matter of days.

In short, the old days of promoting products and relying on sales to drive customer conversions have come and gone. Current marketing and exhibition strategies alike must be customer-centric, and that means much more than showcasing offerings to a captive audience. Now, it’s about engagement: It’s about the experience.

For that reason, when you decide to launch a brand activation, you want it to pop. It has to stimulate your audience, capture their attention so they’ll bite at the chance for a hands-on experience. And then, it must be highly memorable to serve as a foundation for a long-term relationship, building the kind of customer loyalty that endures.

At Exposure Group, our expert team understand these goals. We’re committed to helping each of our clients carry out cutting-edge, unforgettable activations.

Exposure Group Coles Fresh Produce
A great way to introduce your brand to consumers is to get it into their hands. All five senses can then be utilised to leave a lasting impression of your product in their minds.


From trade show designs to campaigns launched in the middle of a city square, marketing activations are as legion as the number of organisations that use them. No one is exactly like another, and the more unique and surprising they are, the more memorable and effective they tend to be. After all, the true goal is to activate the consumer, and that requires a bit of intrigue and excitement. Why is this so important? Research has found that senses are tied to both emotion and memory, which makes first-hand, experiential encounters a prime opportunity for brand positioning – especially in light of the flood of content consumers face daily on digital platforms. Additionally, given today’s consumer-centric marketing approach, most companies plan to differentiate through the experience they provide for customers, as Econsultancy’s research has revealed.

Brand activation is one way to stand out from the crowd and create a very powerful encounter. Whether you’re making the most of a warm audience at a sporting event or promoting your business in a shopping centre, inviting consumers to engage, think, respond and react in a first-hand experience is a great way to forge a lasting connection.

Exposure Group Cadbury Big Wheel
Another great way to introduce a new product to market is to get people involved in a marketing activation. Games, competitions, activities and prize draws can all be used. 


What exactly does a marketing activation look like? It’s difficult to define since each activation is as unique as the brand, product and occasion itself.

As a whole, today’s strategies can be as complex or as simple as necessary. Some integrate cutting-edge technology – such as this Keith Urban hologram for ANZ at the Australian Open. Others rely on age-old components and a clever idea – along the lines of a Sharpie activation we supported that invited passers-by to unleash their creative genius with a marker in hand.

The driving force behind a successful brand activation is providing an experience to remember. It builds on the emotions that are most effective in marketing – such as surprise, anticipation, curiosity and admiration, which research by Fractl found to be at the heart of viral campaigns.

When enterprises delight, impress and thrill their audiences, they build an endearing brand image, putting a human face on their company and products. This, in turn, builds the kind of loyalty that fuels enduring business as well as word-of-mouth advertising, brand recognition and more.

Exposure Group Giant Inflatable Minion


Our exhibit designers and production teams can assist your company in carrying out a marketing activation in several ways.

Some organisations come to us to construct stands and coordinate the technology for their campaigns, whereas others bring us in from the very beginning of the process to brainstorm concepts and carry out just the right plan. With highly skilled and experienced design teams, we leverage an understanding of your business, goals and target audience to develop a compelling marketing activation.

These campaigns are all about doing something amazing with people – and engaging them on all of today’s leading platforms, so we’re always ready to explore new possibilities and experiment with different technologies. Whether you’re looking to provide tourists with bikes and GPS devices – like Visa’s “Travel Everywhere” campaign – or planning to stir a conversation on social media, we can make it happen.

Exposure has experience working with businesses across a diverse range of industries. When you need help coming up with an engaging activation idea or support in carrying out a plan, our teams won’t leave you – or your audience – disappointed.

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